Agriculture-focussed rural communities are depicted in the animation below, at the confluence of the socio-political and economic arenas.  These communities find themselves at the base-of-the-pyramid (BoP) of both these arenas and the households, farmers and micro enterprises in these communities find themselves therefore on an isolated island - depicted in dark red below.

Challenge Space 2


The animation on the left depicts the various divides that constrain the isolated communities and indicates the effect of these divides

These ‘divides’ cause these communities to be:

  • On the wrong side of the service divide /gap and therefore not benefitting fully from the results of democratization;
  • On the wrong side of the trade divide /gap and therefore not benefitting from the globalisation of trade;
  • On the wrong side of the technology divide /gap and therefore excluded from the benefits of the convergence of computing, connectivity and content benefits of the advanced technological era in which we live; and
  • Mostly without a voice to make their contribution with regards to policies, strategies and ethics affecting them.

Our services are therefore aimed at providing solutions to overcome these gaps /divides. We have set the parametres in the animation below as the yardstick for the effectiveness of our solutions.

Solution Parametres2


The animation on the left depicts the requirements for the network services and software solution that we provide

REEDiSA’s has as its core value proposition the offering  of an approach that can:

  • Provide enterprise (and job) opportunities to local, rural young people to prevent the drain of young talent to the cities;
  • Enable rural communities to migrate from predominantly (consumer oriented) agro- and mining- (labour) based economies towards...
  • ....exporters of knowledge as well as tangible products and essential services to the external world.