On these isolated islands shown before, we deploy local young people to act as social entrepreneurs to help break down the various gaps /divides that isolate these communities. These micro enterprises are supported by an enabling and supporting channel to ensure their survival and growth.

Network Services

The young community agents provide the sharp end of delivery and the actual  delivery mechanisms into the communities (or local authorities) they serve. They service Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and ordinary citizens within developing communities and also have the local authority as clients for services like the creation and maintenance of various data sets on the status of the base of the pyramid (BoP).  In our view BoP should be at the top of our focus - as in the figure above.

These local community agents are supported by regional incubators at district  (South Africa) level as well as an enabling and supporting back-office environment.

The collection of enabling and supporting back-office, regional incubators and community agents form a delivery channel - human irrigation system - through which other entities (public and private sector alike) can deliver products and services into under-serviced communities with reduced cost implications.  The  network therefore provides a reach-extension mechanism that enables the sustainable servicing of under-serviced environments while at the same time contributing to enterprise (and job) creation in remote communities.